Aapex Legal Services, LLC                     Your one-stop Legal Services Facilitator
Service is not just our name, it's our business.
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Are you a small law firm with a big case load?  Lots of projects but not enough support staff?  Tired of hiring and training people, just to have them move on?  Are payroll benefits costing too much and taking up too much of your time?

Consider Aapex Legal Services LLC, your one-stop Legal Services Facilitator.

We offer many of the traditional services a Paralegal or IT person would offer without adding more staff to your payroll or your premises.  We cover many of the situations that crop up, usually without warning, that can send your schedule into a frenzy.

And the best part is you get the services of several trained employees without paying full-time people to sit around underemployed.  You don’t have to worry about sick time, vacations, or days off.  We provide the people, you enjoy the service. 

Services offered:
 •    Legal Document Service of Process
 •    Court Filings and e-filings
 •    Investigation Services
 •    Depositions/Video Depositions
 •    Transcribing
 •    Digital Court Reporting
 •    Accounting Services
 •    Computer and IT Services
 •    Digital File Transfer Services
 •    Contract Paralegal Services
 •    Contract Legal Support Services
 •    Courier Service
 •    Elder Care Services