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Articles posted here are for the use of our clients to get quick self help answers to questions and simple solutions to problems. News reports are not necessarily the opion of our company but for reference only. We don't provide any guarantee that solutions posted or referenced will work for your situation and that you should use them at your own risk. None of the information posted should be used for illegal practices.

HP Laserjet web admin page fails to load java

When attempting to configure an older HP LaserJet 4000n printer using the Web Admin feature, several messages appear stating, "Your security settings have blocked an untrusted application..." and the Java application shows an error on the web page. Under normal circumstances Java is preventing an application that could be harmful to your computer. In this case we know this older Java application on the HP JetDirect card is likely safe and we want to allow it to run.

Follow these steps to add the website to the Exceptions Site List:

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Kaspersky Security Center 10 Remove Additional Key from the Client or Endpoint

When managing the licensing for Kaspersky endpoints, you typically create a task to add the latest key to the end point. The trouble comes when you forget to uncheck the option “Add this key as an additional key” and then your end point has two license keys associated with it. If you are managing multiple license key files with endpoints that are remote, which you don’t have direct access to, this may seem to be an even bigger issue for you. So how can you remove a duplicate key?

The process to remove a duplicate key may be a two-step process, depending on which key you want to be the final key assigned. For example, if your endpoint’s primary key noted in the application properties is correct and the additional key is the one you want to remove, then you must follow the two step process. But if the additional key is the key you want to remain, you only need to follow the first step to replace the existing key.

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How to lock down Windows 7 as a kiosk

We had a situation where we wanted to setup an Intuit QuickBooks POS system in a locked down configuration so that it was more like a kiosk for the register attendants. There are several ways to go about this but most will lock down every user, but in our case we only wanted to affect the POS users to prevent unnecessary changes to the system.

The process we came up with uses a combination of parental rights, registry hacks, and user menu modifications. You will also need to make sure you create a special local user account that you will assign these changes to. Before attempting this process, make sure you have a backup of your system in the event something doesn't work as expected.

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How to uninstall an application in Windows 7

Picture of the Start button
Administrator permission required

We seem to have a great need for training our clients on removing garbageware or other unwanted applications. So in order to provide that training and have it as a future reference for when they forget how they performed the task at a previous time, we are making this How To training public for reference.

This process, although written with Windows 7 in mind, will basically work as well with the other versions of Windows with some minor changes.

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Microsoft Administration Tools

After spending years supporting the Microsoft platform you find those special tools that help you overcome specific situations that seem monumental at first because you have to manually work your way through it. If you are lucky you will find some administration tool that eases that pain because someone before you had it to and had the skill to develop a tool to make it easier.

The purpose of this page is to help point others to some great web sites that offer free tools for administrating a Microsoft environment. Since we are unaffiliated with any of these sites, use these tools with caution. We don't advocate piracy so if there is a licensing fee, please pay up. The only things free are viruses and malware - and eventually you will pay the cost for that too.

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